Details about Critical thinking

The critical thinking skills are usually described as the following six

  1. Remembering
  2. Understanding
  3. Applying
  4. Analyzing
  5. Evaluating
  6. Creating

Remembering: The pieces of information have to be remembered in order to apply them later. If you understand the main concept but don’t remember how to implement it exactly, it will be really difficult to apply the concept.

Understanding: The concept behind the pieces of information is very important. If they don’t understand the concepts behind the items they are learning; then they wont be able to apply it.

Applying: The application of the items and concepts is a very important step. When you apply the concept to a real life situation, that is the time you can get a deeper meaning. It is a necessary step for the next step.

Analyzing: When you apply the concept and see how to works in real life; you can get a deeper meaning and analyze the concept further beyond the original situation.

Evaluating: Once you grasp the understanding of the concept beyond the original situation, you have a unique way of looking at it. You evaluate the concept, this helps you see their application in many other real life situations.

Creating: After evaluating the concepts when you actually apply it in a new real life situation it is called creating a new solution.