Reinventing the Space at Spark a Quest

After a long break, I am re inventing my space at Spark a Quest. I personally think that my mantra about critical thinking for all is still as strong as always but my approach has shifted a bit.

So here is what you can expect in this space.

  • My personal blog: It will contain my own experiences with creating and re learning algorithms and  computing world as I try to re enter the world of Software Engineering. Some resources to teach younger kids how to code and may be some kool and techie events near us.
  • My kids blog: As my kids are getting older and more adapt at social networking than I like, I will try to get them to start documenting what they are learning along the way and share it with you all. This will give you some child’s perspective as to what they find interesting and challenging. 🙂

Here’s to a new beginning.